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Get the Big Picture

Test yourself - How many of these pictures can you identify?

Rancho Bernardo Gateway - North
This view looks north from Rancho Bernardo along I-15. Casa de las Campanas and the RB Community Park are on the left. Vista del Lago is on the right. Lake Hodges (without water) is in the San Dieguito River Park (someday to extend from the ocean at Del Mar to Volcan Mountain just north of Julian).
A planned pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the lake will connect the RB Community Park with the nature trails in the River Park.
Escondido is in the background.
The Falls and Camino Bernardo
This view looks south from Camino Del Norte towards Black Mountain.
The intersection at Bernardo Center Drive, with "Turtleback" pedestrian bridge is in the lower right corner. Bernardo Center Drive is seen winding along the right hand side of the photo into 4S Ranch and towards Carmel Valley. The new Oak Valley Middle School is along the upper right hand edge. Bernardo Center Drive now connects with Carmel Valley Road at Oak Valley School.
The Bernardo Winery and Oaks North
This view looks to the west from Old Winery Road in North Poway across the Bernardo Winery and Oaks North.
The Bernardo Winery can be seen in the lower left corner of the photo. Oaks North and the Oaks North Golf Course are predominant in the center of the photo.
The Bernardo Winery is home to a new working museum that has been set up by the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society.
Carmel Mountain Ranch
This view looks east (from an area near I-15) across Rancho Carmel Drive. The Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Park is just off the lower right hand corner of the photo. Ted Williams Parkway winds eastbound from right to left across the upper half of the photo. Fairways 14 and 15 of the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club golf course are predominant in the picture.
Bernardo Heights east of I-15
This is the Bernardo Heights Country Club golf course to the east of I-15, just north of Camino Del Norte. The water to the right of the freeway is in front of the green on the 12th hole par 3. This view looks north. The I-15 north on-ramp from Camino Del Norte is in the lower left hand corner of the photo. In the original master plan for Rancho Bernardo, this area was described as High Country East. But, the development was marketed as Bernardo Heights. The homes at the bottom are in Summers on the Green.
Bernardo Vista Del Lago
This gated residential community is at the northern edge where Rancho Bernardo meets I-15 at Pomerado Road just south of Lake Hodges. Pomerado Road runs along the bottom of the photo. Southbound I-15 runs across the upper right corner of the photo from right to left. The RB Community Park and Casa de las Campanas can be seen above the freeway. Paseo Monte Batalla (lower left) is the entrance to Vista Del Lago. This gated community sits at the base of Battle Mountain. Its community center includes impressive swimming and tennis facilities.
The Trails and Highland Valley Road
This view looks east from Lake Hodges near I-15. The estate homes on the right are in The Trails in Rancho Bernardo. North Poway and Rancho Bernardo are seen in the background. Highland Valley Road winds through the San Pasqual Valley heading up to Ramona and going towards Julian. The San Pasqual Valley hosts the San Diego Wild Animal Park and limited agriculture. If you're looking for another way to cross Lake Hodges, this is a scenic route, but it will probably take you pretty far out of your way.
I-15 and Rancho Bernardo Road
This is Interstate-15 running through Rancho Bernardo looking to the south. Rancho Bernardo Road runs from left to right across the picture. The Rancho Bernardo Towne Center is on the left side of the freeway. The Rancho Bernardo Business Park is on the right side of the freeway. High Country West is upper right. Bernardo Heights (originally planned as "High Country East") is upper left.
Ranchos Penasquitos and Bernardo
Rancho Penasquitos is adjacent to Camino Bernardo, High Country West, and 4S Ranch, but that "you can't get there from here" unless you're on foot or a mountain bike. This view looks southwest across High Country West, Camino Bernardo, and Penasquitos to Black Mountain, and shows how close together these communities really are. I-15 at Camino Del Norte is in the lower left corner. These areas are served by the Poway Unified School District, and they all enjoy the Carmel Valley ocean breezes. New road connections are bringing these areas closer together.
Oaks North Golf Course
This is the view from the south across the Oaks North Golf Course. We are looking north, and The RB Trails can be seen in the upper right. Pomerado Road cuts across the upper left.
The Oaks North Community Center and the golf course pro shop are in the left center of the photo. The Oaks North Golf Course is a signature of Rancho Bernardo. It serves residents and visitors of all ages. The water at the bottom is at the 8th tee of the South Course. Oaks North is an active 55+ community of homes surrounding the golf course.
Camino Del Norte - West from I-15
This is the view of Camino Del Norte running west from I-15 towards 4S Ranch.
I-15 can be seen at the bottom.
Camino Bernardo, The Villas apartments, and The Falls can all be seen to the left of Camino Del Norte.
High Country West is to the right of Camino Del Norte, and Turtleback School is in the picture.
4S Ranch is in the background on the left. The RB Business Park is in the background on the right.
Rancho Bernardo Community Park
This is the view from the west looking across the RB Community Park.
I-15 can be seen running from left to right (north to south). The community of Vista Del Lago is above the freeway, with Battle Mountain to its right. In the background, you can see the San Pasqual Valley and the RB Trails. The RB Community Park offers lighted fields for baseball, football, and soccer. It is also the site of the City's Recreation Building and the Joslyn Senior Center. And for our four-legged friends, the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park is now open.
Chaparral Elementary School
Many students in Rancho Bernardo and North Poway attend Chaparral School, in the Poway Unified School District. The school actually sits between the cities of San Diego and Poway, and can be seen in the center of this photograph. This view is from southeast to northwest with Chaparral School in the center. Rancho Bernardo's Gatewood Hills is to the left of the school, and the Vineland Hills / Stoneridge area of North Poway is to the right of the school. The Oaks North Golf Course can be seen in the center background.
Rancho Bernardo's Eastview
This is the view looking north across the Rancho Bernardo community of Eastview. I-15 can be seen going up towards Escondido on the left side. Battle Mountain is near the top. The Rancho Bernardo Inn's tennis courts can be seen at the right center. Playmor and Greens West are at the bottom. The golf courses seen in this photograph are the RB Inn and the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo. The RB Community Park and Casa de las Campanas are upper left.
Rancho Bernardo High School
The lower half shows the campuses of RB High School and Bernardo Heights Middle School. These schools are in the Poway Unified School District. The football stadium and new RB Aquatic Center are visible. The view looks west across Paseo Lucido towards Bernardo Heights. The Bernardo Heights Golf Course is in the top half of the photo. In the far background, the Rancho Bernardo Business Park is west of I-15.
High Country West & Hewlett Packard
Looking from east to west across Bernardo Center Drive, High Country West is the lower half of the photo. The RB Business Park occupies the top half of the photo. Hewlett Packard is to the right of West Bernardo Drive, and Cloudcrest Dr enters HCW below HP. High Country West, with 681 homes, a community center, and Turtleback School, is one of RB's popular neighborhood communities. 4S Ranch is in the far background. Hewlett Packard, SONY, BAE, and SAIC are among the major employers in Rancho Bernardo.
Westwood in Rancho Bernardo
Looking south along I-15, Rancho Bernardo's Westwood community is on the right (west) side of the freeway.
Westwood is north of the RB Business Park and south of the RB Community Park. It offers a variety of residential housing from condos to estate homes.
The Westwood Community Center is on West Bernardo Drive just north of Rancho Bernardo Road. The bridge over I-15 at the center is Duenda Road. Black Mountain can be seen on the upper right horizon.
The Seven Oaks Community Center
Located in the heart of Seven Oaks on Bernardo Oaks Drive, this is the center for recreational and community activites. Seven Oaks was the original community when Rancho Bernardo's development first began back in the 1960's. Today it is a thriving adult community (55+) in the center of Rancho Bernardo. The Seven Oaks facilities include swimming, an auditorium, library, shuffle board, and numerous meeting and activity rooms. It hosts an active calendar of community events and activities.
The Rancho Bernardo Inn
This is the RB Inn in the heart of Rancho Bernardo, a public golf and tennis resort featuring fine dining and conference facilities. At the top center, is the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo with its private golf course and the shared driving range left of the club house. These two golf courses are surrounded by a variety of homes in the general area known as "The Greens". Area residents who use "Golf Cart Zones" may know about the golf cart path under Pomerado Road that connects with the Oaks North Executive Golf Course.
Bernardo Center Drive extension
This view follows Bernardo Center Drive as it runs south into 4S Ranch.
Camino Del Norte runs from east to west (left to right) along the bottom. "Turtleback" pedestrian bridge can be seen in the lower left corner. Camino Bernardo is in the center, with Villa Rancho Bernardo and Deerwood on the right, and The Falls lower left. Bernardo Center Drive goes to Oak Valley Middle School in 4S Ranch. The road now extends beyond Black Mountain to Carmel Valley Road. Youcan now drive from Rancho Bernardo to the coast, without having to first get on I-15.
Miramar Lake in Scripps Ranch
This view looks east from Scripps Ranch Boulevard across the Miramar Reservoir. Scripps Lake Drive runs up along the right hand side of the photo. This is a beautifully scenic area in the city of San Diego. It offers fishing, hiking, and bicycling, with a 5-mile trail around the lake. The west end of the trail recently reopened after being closed for a few years. Each 4th of July, Scripps Ranch features running and bicycle events.
Sabre Springs at Ted Williams
This view looks east from I-15 across Sabre Springs Parkway. Ted Williams Parkway can be seen in the upper left. The undeveloped site just below Ted Williams is being developed as one of the Rapid Transit Centers planned by SANDAG as part of the I-15 Managed Lanes project. Special ramps being constructed will provide direct access to the HOV lanes. Evening Creek Drive runs along the bottom at the Sabre Springs Business Park. Behind the hills is Poway.
4S Ranch Reservoir
This view is over 4S Ranch looking to the south, and was taken from above Camino del Norte. This is the "Wet Weather Storage" reservoir for reclaimed water. The water is processed across the street and used for landscape irrigation and other non-drinking purposes. Excess water is stored in the winter, so it can be used during the drier summer months. The water level typically rises in the winter and drops in the summer. This is an important water conservation project.
Dove Canyon Road runs along the left side of the reservoir, and Lone Quail Drive runs along the bottom.
Battle Mountain in Rancho Bernardo
In the center of the photo, Pomerado Road curves around Battle Mountain towards I-15 and Lake Hodges. "Greens North" is on the left. Vezelay, Montelena, and Vista del Lago are on the right. I-15 runs south to north (from left to right) at the top. Above I-15 is the RB Community Park, Casa de las Campanas, Lake Hodges, and Escondido. Bernardo Mountain (top center) was recently purchased to be preserved as part of the San Dieguito River Park.
Oaks North
This view looks east across the Oaks North Golf Course. Pomerado Road (north to south) runs left to right across the picture. The Oaks North Community Center and the golf course pro shop are in the center of the photo. The area below Pomerado Road is "The Greens". The Oaks North Golf Course is a signature of Rancho Bernardo. It serves Rancho Bernardo residents and visitors of all ages. The Oaks North community is an active 55+ neighborhood of homes surrounding the golf course.
Camino Bernardo from the south
Camino Bernardo features single family homes and views. It is south of Camino del Norte, east of Bernardo Center Drive, and west of I-15.
The Bernardo Center Drive extension to 4S Ranch can be seen upper left.
"Turtleback Bridge" crosses to High Country West Plaza (upper right corner). It gives students a safer journey to Turtleback Elementary School. Camino Crisalida is on the left, Avenida de Los Lobos starts across the bottom, and Camino's Codorniz and Abrojo form the circle at the top of the hill. The hillsides are preserved as open space.
RB Swim and Tennis Club
This is the northeast corner of Rancho Bernardo Road and Bernardo Oaks Drive, one block south of Pomerado Road. Bernardo Oaks Drive runs from right to left at the bottom of the photo towards the Rancho Bernardo Inn. The RB Swim & Tennis Club is one of the oldest and most widely used recreation centers in Rancho Bernardo. It serves many of RB's neighborhoods east of I-15, offers a wide variety of facilities, and is a premier example of RB's thriving community centers.
High Country West - Turtleback
We're looking southeast across High Country West, with SB I-15 top left.
Turtleback Ln curves around the lower left, with Turtleback Ct the cul-de-sac at the bottom. They form the picture of a turtle's back and head. Cloudcrest Dr, Turtleback Rd, and Big Springs Way can also be seen. The square at the upper center is the Rancho Bernardo Water Reservoir, next to the HCW soccer field. HCW includes 681 homes, HCW Club, and Turtleback Elementary School.
Stoneridge in North Poway
This view looks northeast across Stoneridge Country Club. From the intersection at the bottom, Espola Rd runs to the right towards Lake Poway, and Valle Verde Rd runs up the left side towards Old Winery Rd. Valle Verde Park can be seen in the lower left corner. Stoneridge is a private 18-hole golf course that hosted the LPGA in past years. Originally developed as a 9-hole course, it was known as Valle Verde Golf Course in the early years.
High Country West
This is High Country West from Bernardo Center Drive at Camino del Norte. The RB Business Park is lower left. HCW Plaza and "Turtleback Bridge" are lower center. Turtleback School is right of center, just below the HCW Club. "The Falls" at Camino Bernardo is at the lower right. NB I-15 runs right to left, with Mount Woodson in the background. The roads at the bottom now extend beyond 4S Ranch into Carmel Valley.
Bernardo Heights
This view looks west from Pomerado Road across Bernardo Heights. Henry's Market is in the lower center of the photo. This is the site of the former Ralphs Grocery Store. Bernardo Heights Parkway is on the left. The Bernardo Heights Golf Course and Country Club is in the background. The Bernardo Heights Middle School and Rancho Bernardo High School are in the upper left. Black Mountain is on the horizon.
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