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Favorite Links

This page is a guide to some of my favorite website links.


The San Diego Real Time Traffic Map is provided by Caltrans District 11.

If you don't like to get caught in heavy traffic, this website link is one you must have.
It shows current speeds on freeways and major roads, providing real-time traffic information.
If you check this page before starting your drive, you can pick the best route and manage to avoid the bad traffic areas.

Click here to see the San Diego Real Time Traffic Map.



Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada
Provided by the U.S. Geological Survey, Earthquake Hazards Program.

Real time earthquake maps showing the location and size of earthquakes as they occur.

Click here to see the Real Time Earthquake Map



Find free Discount Codes to use when shopping online
CyberMondayDiscountCodes.com - the Website That Saves You Money All Year

Do you shop online? And, are you looking for discounts when you buy online? Use this website to find the free discount codes you can use to save money when shopping online.

Click here to access CyberMondayDiscountCodes.com



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