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Camino Bernardo Halloween Party - October 28, 2011

Organized by Carol Sliwa & Sponsored by the George Cooke team

This is the 7th year in a row that the George Cooke team sponsored Carol Sliwa's fun Halloween Party at the Camino Bernardo Community Room. There were lots of games and fun, along with treats and some great costumes. There were many clever costumes and everyone had a fun time. Kip Peppin, (George's Buyer's Agent), was on hand to take the pictures and join in the fun.

Camino Bernardo is a popular neighborhood community in the southwest corner of Rancho Bernardo. It is conveniently located at the Gateway to 4S Ranch and Del Sur and is a quick drive to the coast through new road connections at Bernardo Center Drive and Camino Del Norte to Carmel Valley Road, Camino Del Sur, and Route 56.

For community information about Camino Bernardo you can visit

Here are some photographs taken at the 2011 Camino Bernardo Halloween Party.

To download any of these photographs, you can do a "Right-Click" and then a "Save-As". For higher resolution copies of any of these photographs, or for any other questions you can call George at (858) 674-1222 or send an email to George@GeorgeCooke.com.

Or, give Kip Peppin a call at (760) 807-1667.

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